From rural West Auckland, Electric Exploits offers an electrical contracting service primarily to Builders, Plumbers, Commercial entities, and others with projects to complete. We will work in with the other trades to make your project happen as smoothly as possible.

As we make electric support for projects a priority, we will not accept breakdown calls that will cause us to leave the job we are on. If your situation needs 24/7 immediate response please use those who are prepared to supply that service.

Domestic Services

New Domestic:
West Auckland has many subdivisions opening up. Electric Exploits will work with architects, owners, builders and other trades to produce an electrical installation in a new home that will provide a trouble free result.

Domestic Renovation:
​Reworking an existing electric installation can be more challenging than starting new. It would be smart to get the real facts from an electrician before starting a project, rather than to find later that the existing installation will not handle the new circuits.

Commercial Services

Electric Exploits would like to price your new or re-worked commercial premise. Be it office, retail, warehousing, food outlet, hospitality, manufacturing, service industry or something the world has never seen before, we would be delighted to be part of the effort to make it happen.

We can tackle the electrical systems for:

  • Lighting
  • Pumping
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration

….Try us!

Lighting & Electrical

LED Lighting:
​Lighting has been radically transformed by the rapid introduction of LED luminaries. Using only a fraction of the energy and producing no dangerous and wasteful heat emissions, they have to be the light source of primary choice.

Emergency/Backup Power Supplies:
​For those who find that the grid supply is not sufficiently reliable, we can do the installation of your standby genset. We recommend diesel over petrol for reliability, and can suggest a number of scenarios as to how to affect this install so that it will actually work when you need it to. At this stage we have left solar installs to others, primarily because of the issues involved with fitting equipment to a buildings’ roof.

Phone / TV / Data

In many installs the IT cabling has become the domain of the Electrician. Electric Exploits has staff with expertise in different areas and can confidently install these systems. Larger homes with multiple TV’s, phone systems and internet / data require some thought as to the best way to cable so that the systems will work well both immediately and into the future. Commercial sites have other challenges with IT systems.

We can sort your Data, Wi-Fi, Cameras, Phones and TV.

A lot of consumer grade products have limited lifespans and work badly. We use enterprise grade gear. Point to point wireless data links where copper lines are not an option are a specialty.
In older areas Chorus has allowed copper lines to degrade so that the old landline is becoming problematic. We can help with a change to VOIP (internet connected) phones.

Miscellaneous Services

Underground Mains:
Electric Exploits can do your underground supply and phone cabling. Let us offer a price for this work.

​West Auckland has a large rural area, in which a number of different agricultural endeavours exist. We have experience in agricultural situations like glasshouse, animal handling areas, packing sheds.

​The electrical controls for pumping necessitate that the electrician ( or at least the electrical designer ) understands the concepts involved in moving fluids. Des has worked with pumping systems throughout his electrical career.

Tech Lingo

Confused by Watts, Amps, Volts, Frequency, KwHr, Phases, Power factors, Current, Impedance, Resistance, Voltdrop. Need help to decide what equipment to buy, or what will work with your installation. Call Des.

Phone: 09 411 8095 Mob: 021 242 6887

Address: 434 Muriwai Rd, Waimauku 0881